Khada Dupatta



The royal ensemble of Khada Dupatta remains a part of the Hyderabadi culture in form of the traditional and bridal dress that brides and bridesmaids wear till date at weddings.

Some brides wear a simple yellow khada dupatta for their manje or haldi ceremony, which is a closely guarded family affair with ladies of the family applying haldi to the bride and felicitating her with garlands.

Some brides wear it at their sanchaq ki rasm, where the groom’s mother showers bridal finery on her along with blessings.
This is the first time the groom’s family gets to see the bride before the wedding and she knows that she’s got to look her best. Shades of yellow and gold are the colors for the sanchaq ka khada dupatta with freshly applied and dried mehendi on her hands. All her bridesmaids – sisters and friends wearing their traditional khada dupattas gather to meet the groom for the Mehendi ki rasm.

The bridal khada dupatta is ideally what the groom’s family would get for her along with complimenting jewellery. The shades of reds and pinks  blend in with gold and greens adding to the glowing bride’s beauty, who sits blushing on a heavily embroidered red velvet ‘masnad’.

The Hyderabadi wedding festivities come to a halt with the valima. Where the bride choses to wear a lehenga or a gharara.
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