Khada Dupatta

This is a great place for you to explain some of the services that you offer. You can go into detail in the sub-pages if you’d like.

Authentic Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta

Khada is your source for – Authentic Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta, Bridal Khada Dupatta, Designer Khada Dupatta, Pakistani Khada Dupatta. You can choose from our products listed in the gallery and send us an enquiry email to customize them or you can also send us a picture of your preferred style of Khada Dupatta and we will make it for you. We will design your outfit according to your preference and within the limits of your budget – be it $100/Rs.5000 or $2000 or Rs.100000. An exclusive designer outfit would take atleast 1 month to be custom made while under emergency we can send you your order within 15 days also. You can also send us an enquiry for bulk orders. We will respond to you immediately.

Traditional Hyderabadi Jewellery

We can also send you traditional Hyderabadi imitation Jewellery. You can order for a traditional Hyderabadi chintaak/jadau lachcha with karan phool, teeka and jhoomar. We can also send you other Hyderabadi jewellery items like Jugni and Tirmani. Check out our product list for more information. Please visit our website to order the finest Hyderabadi Jewellery.

Traditional Hyderabadi Bangles

You can order for matching Hyderabadi studded bangles/ chudi ka joda along with your khada dupatta and complete the look. The chudi joda/studded bangles are available in a wide range of colors, from generic silver, copper, gold to colours like red, green, pink etc.

Shipping and Handling

Your order will be sent by post/courier from Hyderabad, India to wherever you want to. Shipping charges would be exclusive of your clothes and jewellery. You will be sent an estimate of your expenses before you make a payment. Your mode of payment can be discussed over email or phone.